My name is Eric Thuau and I had the chance, as the Head of the Austin International School (2004-2010) to recruit Geneviève Rheault and work with her during several years. Genevieve is a great teacher and has many professional and personal qualities. She is highly professional, knowledgeable, caring, dedicated and passionate about her work. My daughter was lucky to have her as her Kindergarten teacher and 9 years after still has fond memories about “Madame Geneviève”.

I highly recommend Geneviève to anyone who wants to have an inspiring and caring educator for their child.


Eric Thuau

Head of School

French American School of Puget Sound




I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Genevieve in a trilingual Kindergarten program. Ms. Genevieve is a dedicated and caring teacher. She is very creative and thoughtful when planning and teaching her lessons. Ms. Genevieve meets the child where he or she is at by differentiating her lessons to meet their learning needs. Her enthusiasm and love for teaching is ever present in her classroom. It was a true pleasure working with and learning from Ms. Genevieve in the classroom. She is a gifted educator!


Kimberly L.Rodriguez

Campus Director

The Children's Courtyard







I can't say enough good things about Genevieve. I met her in June of 2007, as she was beginning to lead my then 5 year-old daughter's French immersion summer camp and was then delighted to learn a few months later that my daughter would have Genevieve as her lead French teacher and home room teacher for "grande section", equivalent to Kindergarten, as well. Genevieve proved to be not only a master teacher who gets outstanding results with her students' academic skills, but, more importantly, a brilliant role model as well. Her confidence and strong presence commands respect and keeps order in her classrooms, yet she consistently treats her students with that same level of respect. She appears to effortlessly inspire, energize, and motivate her students while maintaining a calm and focused environment for them. In addition to all this, Genevieve also has a genuine love and care for children: she was always there in an instant when any of her students needed her and could comfort them immediately. My daughter, who is now close to beginning 8th grade, is grateful to Genevieve for the excellent foundation she laid for her current French fluency and still has fond memories of Genevieve's intellectually stimulating and warm classroom. I highly recommend Genevieve Rheault as the ideal teacher for young children: she is the perfect combination of discipline, respect, fun, and warmth to help little ones learn all they can.


Dixie Shive Hornby, L.Ac., FABORM

(Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine)





 Ms Genevieve worked at a trilingual school in Austin Texas. She was the kindergarten teacher of one of our daughters. She is a passionate, creative, always eager to learn more, research what is the best for her students, seeking new ways and knowing also what works or not. She loves her students and is an encouraging teacher. She has many years of experience in teaching and is confident in her own ways also, it has been a pleasure to see our daughter just love being in her class. Genevieve is a very dedicated teacher !


Lucia Eberle

Teacher trainer in Nigerien schools



Genevieve has the qualities that every good teacher needs. She is mature, positive, dynamic and she likes to motivate, challenge and help her students. Her lessons are well-planned and organized meticulously. Her classroom is friendly and managed properly for the students.
It is obvious her choice of teaching as a career is a wise one and that you will as a parent benefit immensely. It as been a real pleasure to work with her and I would, without any hesitation, send my child to her institution.
Suzanne Côté
Fifth grader Teacher (Quebec, Canada)


I can hardly explain how satisfied I am from Genevieve's teaching.  Right from day one I knew my son was at the right place.  He was happy, content and appreciating every moment he was spending at his new school.  Every day I would be informed of every activity he would do and the knowledge he would acquire by doing so.  Genevieve  is a kind and loving teacher with a holistic approach which allow the kid to fully express himself in a safe environment.  I highly recommend her preschool.

Emilie Nadeau Selden



I love this school ! My son is in the part time program and the days he doesn't go - he begs me to go! Ms. Genevieve is so sweet to the kids which is so important at this age. Plus they learn a ton as there is a low class to teacher ratio. We don't speak any French at home but my son is getting comfortable with the letters and numbers. I can only imagine what he would if he went daily! I love the set up as well ! Such a quaint , clean and well organized facility. I highly recommend it for any parent that knows their kid will thrive in a loving , quaint environment.


Jessica Mateo Smith

My now kindergartener attended Mme. Genevieve's summer camp this past year. He thoroughly enjoyed the kind and creative home environment, the science lessons (they learned about ladybugs all week!), and the time spent playing outside with friends. The schedule seemed like the perfect mixture of structured time for planned activities and flexible time for free play--just what my son needed. He came home counting in French, reciting the alphabet in French, and singing a song about ladybugs in French. I'm a francophone, but we don't speak French at home, and I felt like my son, by the end of the week, understood quite a lot of French thanks to the immersion style approach to teaching the language. I'd send my toddler to Mme. Genevieve's for school if we lived closer and do plan on sending both my boys to camp this coming summer! Merci, Mme. Genevieve!

Heather Latiolais Eure

We feel so lucky we found this wonderful school for our 2.5 year old son. He absolutely loves it and has been thriving academically and emotionally since attending La Petite Maternelle despite a lot of major changes in our lives. Madame Genevieve teaches through play as well as creative and interactive activities, and each day, we are amazed by how much he has learned and how excited he is to go back for more. We are unfortunately moving away from Austin and we really wish we could take this school with us. We will miss it SO much!

Mame khouredia Niang-Stein

We are so thrilled to have discovered Ms Genevieve and La Petite Maternelle! My son and daughter (4.5 and 2.5 years old) both had a great time! We speak a little French at home but the kids rarely initiate, I always have to ask them. However, after a week with Ms Genevieve, both of my kids were spontaneously counting and singing the alphabet in French! Ms Genevieve is so skilled and gifted and attentive to each child. Both of my kids are still (several weeks later) talking about what they learned and how they want to go back to and Genevieve's. If we only lived closer, we would be enrolling both kids for the regular year. We can't wait for the summer camp next year!

Sarah C

I was very lucky to find this school. I've been looking for a French school in Austin since 2016 when my daughter was 2 years old. In 2018,

I found this school for summer camp and I didn't hesitate from the first moment I entered the gate. The kindness, the passion, the warm welcoming and the secure feeling that Genevieve gave was unbelievable. My daughter will have the most wonderful memories of this school.  I already feel very sad that she will not be able to attend when she starts Kindergarten. As for academic, French and Spanish, from 1 to 5, I would give more than 5 stars if I could. As for behavioral learning and social interactions, from 1 to 10, I would give more than 10 stars.

As for being a mom looking for a place giving your child the respect, the care and love as you gave them,  be sure this is the place!  It deserve 100 stars.

I wish you all the best with your school and that all your hard work will be seen.

Raya B

I've done more research on preschools in Austin than any parent should have to do. In fact, it has been exhausting. Thankfully, our family's search has ended with La Petite Maternelle.

One of the most important components of a preschool is probably the quality of the person interacting with your child day in and day out. Are they loving? Are they kind? Are they wise? Are they happy with their own life? And, I feel absolutely comfortable with the founder/teacher, Genevieve, interacting with our toddler. I would not say the same for some of the people at our previous two schools (although they had some good folks too).

Genevieve truly cares for the children attending her school. She is not in it for the money--she caps off the class at 6 children so she can provide a high-quality experience for them. She is very thoughtful about the actual content. For example, she had a theme for each week of the 3-week summer camp this summer. Each week had a theme centered around a book, and kids engaged in activity based on that theme. As a parent, I loved it! And, our toddler loved the camp. She wanted to go back after it was over.

I also really appreciate the fact that Genevieve is collaborative. She will take feedback and consider implementing it. I feel I can have a discussion with her about this or that. She isn't set in her ways or rigid in her thinking. When we asked her if we could drop off our toddler a bit earlier than the official start time (so my wife could attend her daily work meeting on time), she agreed to adjust some things on her end to make it happen.

Finally, I love the international feel of this school. The families are from various parts of the world. I want my child growing up thinking she's a citizen of the world, and this school helps that mindset.

Sameer V

This is a school better than what I could have imagined. My youngest has been going here for awhile now. He's so happy here and has learned so much. Genevieve is such a caring, kind and loving teacher and person. As a parent that's all I hoped for, but then on top of that I'm just constantly amazed by her teaching skills. I can't believe how well prepared my son is already for the English speaking kindergarten, and his ability to understand and speak French, with some basic Spanish.

The best thing about all these, is that he's really enjoying learning, since Genevieve teaches in such a fun way. She has so many learning materials and is super organized with them, kids are constantly learning in different ways. Not only are they learning the academic stuff, they also learn a lot about life.

The kids also spend much time outdoor in the garden, digging dirt, chasing butterflies, just enjoying the beautiful nature. Everyday they have so much fun. My son even asked to go to school on weekends.

With my 2 kids, we've been to several schools now, and this one is far better than any of the rest, it's a true gem. I wish I attended a school and had a teacher like this when I was a kid;)

Jing. G