Meet Mme Geneviève



Originally from Québec - Canada, Mme Geneviève has been working with children since she was 15 years old as a summer camp counselor, summer camp coordinator, child care educator, orthopédagogue (Resource teacher), French tutor and as a preschool and elementary school teacher. She attained her B.A  in Orthopedagogy (Education in social and school adaptation) for early childhood and elementary school in April 1997 from l'Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and has over 21 years of classroom experience in preschool through 6th grade.


As an Orthopédagogue, she has accompanied preschool and kindergartner students with learning disabilities. To help them discover their full potential, she proposed a learning approach and educational rehabilitation that met their specific needs.  She also worked with a multidisciplinary team (principal, psychologist, social worker, special ed., parents, etc.) to guide them on a successful path.  Later on, she took a  permanent teaching position with fifth graders.


While teaching in Montreal, she was also involved in the "Green" committee of her school.  She worked hard with her students, 5th grade colleagues and other professionals part of the school to keep the status of being an Établissement Vert Brundtland school. 

Since Mme Genevieve loves new challenges, in 2003, she took a 2-year absence from her teaching position in Montreal to teach in British Colombia, Vancouver. She taught in a French immersion school for the Vancouver School Board. The first year she taught a 2/3 combined grade and the second year she was back with the little ones in Kindergarten.

Before going back to Quebec, Mme Genevieve went five months to Managua, Nicaragua to study Spanish at University of Managua.  While immersing herself into the Spanish culture of Nicaragua she taught as a volunteer to Colegio Nicaraguense Frances, a private French college part of the AEFE (The Agency for French Education Abroad).  It was a wonderful experience! 

After two years back in Montreal with her fifth graders, life has prepared her for this great opportunity and brought her to Austin to this great school that is Austin International School (AIS) where she was the lead Kindergarten French teacher (La Grande Section).  She also implemented a recycling program and a "green comity" into the school.  Eventually, she was asked to be the summer camp coordinator where she built the program "Un monde allant vert" (A world turning green).

​As a full time at-home-mom of a nine year old and a five year old, the idea of having her home-based preschool has grown with the strong desire to teach her daughter's preschool in French. 

Now her dream has become a reality !

*Since June of 2019, Mme Genevieve has successfully completed the Imagination Yoga Teacher Training for kids.