Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Student–teacher ratio?

We have a low student–teacher ratio of 8 children and 1 teacher.  The positive effects of reduced student-to-teacher ratio are the most apparent in early education.  Fewer students means more time to work one-on-one and because we have fewer students to monitor, we tend to spend less time on classroom management issues, such as discipline.



What is the curriculum?

La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys uses a curriculum based on child-led practices. At the preschool age, we believe it is very important for children to learn and explore the world on their own terms. At the same time, we pride ourselves on positive teacher/student interaction, structure, and discipline. By focusing on child-led activities and the careful guidance and teaching of the staff, we are sure your child will thrive in school.

The children will have access to a variety of curriculum areas on a daily basis including:Technology, Puzzles, Block & Construction Area, Imaginative Play, Book Corner, Creative Arts Studio; painting, drawing & collage, Literacy and Numeracy Centers, Science & Discovery, Music, Environment/Sustainability and outdoor recreation areas that are designed to inspire, challenge, and strengthen young minds and bodies. The curriculum is organized around themes in the three languages (French, English and Spanish) that enrich and enhance cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development.



How do you make sure children are “ready” for kindergarten?

Our goals for children as they leave our program are that they see themselves as capable learners, that they know their ideas have value and that their voices are important. We want them to love learning and to approach new experiences with confidence and enthusiasm. We want them to have age-appropriate self-control and know how to manage themselves in a variety of social situations. We want them to handle transitions well and be self-directed. We want them to LOVE coming to school!


How do you help a child to transition the first days of school?

The time a child takes to settle into the group and become accustomed to being left by parents varies enormously. We are here to help you and your child to make the transition as painless as possible therefore we suggest that you speak with us about your child’s needs in order to find the best way to handle the emotions and distress of the first days of school.



Are meals provided by the school?

Parents are asked to send a small snack, a lunch and water with their child daily. Lunch box, snacks and water must be labeled with your child’s name.  Due to the prevalence and severity of food allergies,as a precaution, we ask that parents do not send in snacks or treats containing peanut butter or any type of nut or nut products.  We recommend that snacks be nutritious and non-perishable. Suggestions for healthy snacks and lunches from USDA guidelines include: fruits, small sandwiches, vegetables, muffins, and cereal.   100% fruit juice or water is the recommended drink.

Does my child need to be potty-trained?

Yes.  All preschoolers must be potty-trained.



What is your nap/rest policy?

According to Texas Licensing requirements full day preschools (5 hours +) must schedule a daily rest-time. Some children need to sleep longer and some children do not nap at all. We accommodate both needs. The child who does not nap is allowed to read a book or play quiet game when the rest of the children are asleep.

The parent provide an individual mat that is waterproof or washable.

Mats must be labeled with the child's name.

The parents bring a sheet and blanket to be brought home and washed at least once a month. A child may also bring a cuddly toy and/or a pillow to rest more comfortably.


Is your preschool licensed ?

Yes.  We are licensed by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Child Care Licensing Division. 





I have some more questions. How can I get in touch?

We welcome questions and comments from families! Feel free to email us or call (512) 826-6403. We look forward to hearing from you.