A word from our director/teacher


Dear parents,







Welcome to La Petite Maternelle Fleur de Lys !  My name is Genevieve Rheault and I will be teaching your child for the school year 2018-2019.  I am excited to embark on this new journey and more than ready to meet him/her and take on this beautiful challenge.  I will be working to offer your child the best education possible.


What do we learn in preschool? Here is the letter, written by Robert Fulghum, which I believe to be true:


“If I look back and put myself back in preschool, I would say that almost everything I had to know to guide my life, I learned it in my little childhood.  I believe that the secret of wisdom is not on top of a mountain, the day that we receive our diploma; it is there, in preschool.  Here is what I have learned.


Share.  Not to cheat.  Not hurt others.  Tidy up and not take things that belong to my friends.  Ask for forgiveness.  Balance my life: learn a little bit everyday, think, draw, paint, sing, dance, write my names, read letters and sounds, recognize and write simple words, count, add, subtract, learn about myself, build my self-esteem, develop my motor skills, build great relationships, tell the difference between right and left, give my opinion, situate time and so many other great things.


                Take a little time to relax.  Go out in the big world, be careful in the car, hold a friend’s hand firmly.  Be able to marvel at things.  Remember the little seed on the edge of the window.  There is a root that grows in the soil and a stem that is trying to reach the sun.  Nobody knows why, but we all do that as well.


                Remember our first book full of imagery and all the beautiful words that are in it: look at it.  Everything that we have to learn, they teach at preschool.  The golden rule, it's love and cleanliness: live in a healthy environment, a healthy society and a healthy body”.


                This is what preschool is all about.  I look forward to a wonderful school year !


Kindest regards,


Mme Genevieve